What is the Diversion Challenge?

  • When in doubt find out
    Learn what items can be recycled, what items can be composted and what goes to the landfill. (Check here for guidelines)
  • Follow-through
    Use the composting and recycling systems already in place and provided by Western Disposal to put items in the right bin. Create a system that works for you in your home or business.
  • Move towards zero waste
    Conserve, reuse and waste less.

"But we don't always know where things go: Trash, recycling or the compost bin? So that's what Western Disposal aims to educate its customers on through the Diversion Challenge."
                    —  Editorial, Daily Camera, 2-17-13

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Western Disposal tracks how much trash, recycling and compost we collect. For example, we know that in the City of Boulder about 50% of the waste is diverted from going to the landfill. We also know that another HALF of what is thrown away could be recycled or composted. That is why we are asking you to take the Diversion Challenge. Together we can do better.

What choices do you make?
Watch the video here.